Sunday, March 22, 2009

the very first ARGH...fall 2007

the first ARGH took place over 2 days in november 2007 in johnson city, tennessee. day 1 was a meet up at a local park building at night for a potluck and game playing. we learned some new games and met some new friends. day 2 took place at a church hall where we had small funshops of ATC making, video gaming, and mini talks. the kids got into the "talks" by locking themselves in a room and writing on their OWN white board and talking about things they wanted to talk about. it was very cool!! we actually had a 3rd day, but it was more of a quiet get together at ren's house for more games and talking and hanging out. we had just moved back to the area and only known the allens (in person) for a few months but we already felt like family. and i can't think of a better way to have gotten back into the swing of things here in east tennessee than this gathering!!

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