Monday, April 18, 2011

Growth and Change

As we prepare for the Spring 2011 ARGH, I am thinking a lot about past ARGHs and how much the event has grown over the years.  This Spring we added an extra day to the event as so many people had been wanting to spend more time there, unfortunately this added to the costs and made it harder for many people to come.  We really want ARGH to be affordable, so starting in the Fall we will go back to the original 3-night event.

Probably the biggest news this year is that Ren Allen, the founder of ARGH, stepped down and turned it over to Scotty and I and it is now a part of our Bowman Adventures business.  This is her message to everyone:

Growth and change are part of everything and ARGH is no exception! I started this gathering in 2007 inspired by my friend Steve Cooperman and the structure of Bar Camps. It's changed a lot since then, but the spirit of ARGH has remained the same....a gathering of unschoolers and unschool curious where everyone shares their interests and learns freely.

There have been some drastic changes in my life this last year (as most of you already know) and my career and heart are pulling me in many new and exciting directions.

The Bowmans are also experiencing some big and exciting changes, including the growth of their new company "Bowman Adventures". Their lives are taking them further into the unschooling events direction and my life is taking me away from that kind of organizing.

It is a perfect fit, and perfect timing for the Bowmans to take over ARGH as the sole organizers/owners. I am backing out of that role completely but will still be involved/volunteering much as they need me since ARGH will always be near and dear to my heart. :)

You have all made this a wonderful event and I know that it will continue to be a beautiful gathering of new and old friends. I can't wait to see all the amazing things Laura and Scotty create in this world!!!

See you all in May! :)

Much love,

Fall 2010 ARGH

Halloween, get to know ya games, hanging out in rocking chairs, starburst wrapper bracelets, ping pong..ahem, i mean table tennis, new friends, the hangout cabin, tons of workshops and activities, the usual nerf wars, talent show, potluck and dance.  That's ARGH!!!  Fall 2010 Pix

Spring 2010 ARGH

This was probably one of my very favorite ARGHs!!  Spring 2010 Pix

Fall 2009 ARGH

It seems I've let my posting on this blog to get back in the swing of things here are some Fall 2009 Pix